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Aug 26, 2018
United States
Now, I know we've changed the website like 1850 times... but this time?
this time, it will be amazing.

As we expand and grow The Helix Network, We'd like to have a nicer website so we decided to invest to do, just that.

I hope everyone enjoys, and let me know what you think below.

More announcements will be posted from here.


About us

  • The Helix Networks was created to bring original and unique ideas to the minecraft community and we've done just that. With multiple concepts coming up within the upcoming weeks and months. Our entire goal is to provide players with something which is interesting, playable and branches away from the original vanilla Minecraft scheme. Most notably would be our upcoming Role-play game type where you're placed in a massive city with cars, weapons, drugs, and jobs. You can open bank accounts, Be a black market seller, Have a family, Get married, and Much more to discover honestly, It's a massive map and I can't wait to have everyone online. At HelixMC, Our players are no less than our family.

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